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Fall Edition: “A Cookbook for a Cause”

Fall Edition: “Cookbook for a Cause”

Image of the cover for the Fall Recipe Cookbook This fall, the HIG team has cooked up a new batch of fall recipes to keep you warm and cozy as the weather begins to change.

Introducing the brand-new “Happy Harvest with HIG: A Cookbook for a Cause.”

You’ll be supporting the community when you download a copy of this new recipe book. For each download, we will donate $1.00 to Argosy Collegiate Charter Middle School, a local school that promotes the education and development of young scholars and works to create equal opportunities by closing the achievement gap.

When you share your creation on Facebook and Instagram and tag us, we will give an extra $1.00 to Argosy Collegiate Charter Middle School.

To donate directly to the Argosy Collegiate Charter Middle School, visit https://

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