At HIG, we know it’s not by coincidence or luck that our company has enjoyed over a century in business. We recognize that we owe both our longevity and ongoing agency growth to the clients who have entrusted us with their insurance needs, both business and personal, for generations.

In particular, we are truly honored that so many local business owners have turned to our experienced team for help protecting their company’s assets, including property, employees, vehicles, and much more, from a wide variety of risks.

To show our appreciation for our clients’ years of support, we decided to kick off a new blog series that puts a spotlight on some of their businesses, many of which are right in your backyard.

For our first client spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Bob Salvatore, CEO and founder of CyberComm, Inc., a trusted provider of Motorola products and services throughout the New England area, with locations in Woburn and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and Warwick, Rhode Island. The following are excerpts from a conversation we had with Bob, in which he discussed his grandparents’ influence on his career path, how he started Cyber Communications Inc., and why he partnered with the HIG team 25 years ago.

Why listening to your grandparents is always a good idea

The path to becoming a business owner started back in Bob’s teenage years, when he worked at his grandparents’ restaurant. They exemplified the importance of working hard and maintaining high standards when running a business. Bob recalls:

My grandparents never treated me differently from other employees just because I was their grandchild. If anything, they probably held me to a higher standard. I got my first taste of how hard you have to work to operate a small business effectively. This really prepared me for all that was to come in my career.

After graduating college in 1982 with a degree in business management, Bob gained experience at a variety of small businesses and continued to strengthen the business skills his grandparents instilled in him as a teenager. Then, just a few years after entering the workforce, Bob found a true home at Motorola, an American manufacturer of wireless communications and electronic systems. Bob says:

The field of communications really intrigued me. I couldn’t get enough information about the industry, and I eagerly soaked up everything I could about two-way communications and Motorola’s products and services.

Bob excelled at Motorola across a variety of roles in the company and compiled a great deal of knowledge about the company’s products, services, and programs. After 12 successful years at Motorola, Bob was given the opportunity to purchase three of the company’s service centers and start his communications business. In January of 1996, he launched Cyber Communications Solutions Incorporated, or CyberComm, Inc. for short. Explains Bob:

I felt more than ready to take advantage of this opportunity. My goal for my company was and always has been to provide a wide range of communication solutions to a variety of individuals, businesses, and industries. At CyberComm, we never want to limit ourselves or say we can’t help someone find a communications solution.

Bob is certainly living up to his grandparents’ high expectations of him—CyberComm, Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary this year!

Why CyberComm, Inc. is a critical small business in our community

In 2019, Cyber Comm, Inc. earned the Empower Circle Award from Motorola Solutions, the highest level of sales achievement possible. This award recognizes an authorized Motorola solutions provider for striving to empower local businesses with the latest in communication and security technology.

While CyberComm, Inc. won this award for offering a wide range of products and services, its specialty is the design, installation, and maintenance of Motorola two-way radio systems. Two-way radios are greatly beneficial, and even lifesavers, for people working in a number of fields. Bob explains:

Say you’re doing building maintenance on a college campus, and you realize you don’t have the necessary tools. If all you have is your cell phone, you might have to call 10 people before you find what you need. With a two-way radio, you can just put out the call to the entire maintenance crew that you need a hammer drill and get an immediate response. Two-way radios lead to rapid response and are infinitely more efficient than one-to-one communication.

More importantly, CyberComm handles the wireless communication needs of a variety of essential organizations in our community, many of which are first-responders or provide critical services to the community, including law enforcement, fire and EMS, hospitals, colleges, and public schools. Bob is especially proud of the work the company does with these types of organizations.

Whether my team is optimizing a two-way radio system for police officers who are out on the job or for first-responders on a school campus, it all comes down to making a safer community for all. Every time we do an installation of equipment, the ultimate goal is to help protect our clients and the people they serve. Safety and security are our top priorities. We like to say we are the 911 for 911 responders.

Why longtime relationships mean everything to CyberComm, Inc.

Over the course of the 25 years that Bob has owned CyberComm, he has forged numerous long-term relationships with customers. According to Bob:

I think the connections I make with the people I work with are the part of my job I enjoy the most. I have known many of my customers long enough to watch them grow from first jobs through several promotions, and onto retirement. Take, for instance, a new police officer whom I watched climb the ranks eventually to Police Chief. It’s been fun and rewarding to be part of their journey.

Bob has also built a strong community among his CyberComm employees, who are all dedicated to the same core values. Bob says:

One of the keys to our success is having the right people in the right positions, all of whom are working toward a common goal. We are all committed to being customer driven at all times, and I know all my employees take pride in delivering the highest quality services and products. We are also an extremely tight-knit and team-oriented company.

HIG and Bob also have quite the long-term relationship. We have had the privilege of working with CyberComm from day one and being part of the company’s growth. Bob recalls:

I was developing a business plan when my accountant suggested that I work with a local insurance professional to get coverage for my business. This accountant happened to be working with HIG and suggested that I get in touch with them. My first contact was with Chris Hadley, who conducted a thorough evaluation to try and figure out what insurance solutions were going to be required. I was overwhelmed in the startup days, but Chris did a great job easing my stress and positioning me with the right plan. Here we are now, still working together, 25-plus years later.

The entire HIG team takes pride in providing Bob with the same quality products, services, and, especially, customer care that he provides to his patrons. Bob says:

A long-lasting relationship like I’ve had with HIG only exists when you have complete trust in the people whom you’ve asked to do things on your behalf, which I have in Chris and the whole HIG team. My insurance coverage has always been there when I’ve needed it. Plus, HIG has always made the insurance process easy. Whenever I need something, they are extremely responsive. As a communications guy, I really appreciate that!

Why HIG looks forward to serving all your business insurance needs

We thank Bob Salvatore for sharing his story with us. We encourage anyone seeking wireless communications solutions to contact the CyberComm team.

We also look forward to putting the spotlight on another one of our client’s businesses soon. Stay tuned to our blog and our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, so you won’t miss the next installment of our signature straight talk with a local business owner.

In the meanwhile, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your business. Whether you’re in the process of developing your business plan, or you’ve been a business owner for decades, we are confident we can help you find the best business insurance solutions, at affordable rates, for your unique company. Please contact us today for a thorough evaluation of your insurance and risk management needs.