The adage “safety is priceless” is rarely more apt than when it’s used to describe rental insurance. A lot of times it takes a loss before you realize that while rental insurance in Fall River or the surrounding communities isn’t always mandatory, it is always necessary. Many Fall River residents learned this the hard way after a devastating winter of intense snowfall left many apartments flooded due to ice dams and their belongings damaged. If you are getting ready to move into a new apartment and don’t have rental insurance, here are five reasons getting a quote is the right choice:

It’s Cheap
While each individual scenario will differ, the average rental insurance policy costs a little over $150 a year—that’s $3 a week. If you packed one lunch, or skipped one cup of coffee you’ve paid for your rental insurance that week. Think about it: that’s $3 a week protecting thousands of dollars worth of your stuff!

Your Landlord’s Insurance Isn’t As Comprehensive As You Think
A good landlord will always be appropriately insured, but your landlord’s insurance never protects your personal belongings. So while they may help with a damaged dishwasher, your sofa that was flooded is not going to be replaced.

Rental insurance also protects your belongings from theft. People’s belongings are worth more now than ever before, in a large part due to the value of technology like computers and cellphones. Dealing with a burglary will be a lot easier knowing that you can be reimbursed by your trusted insurance agent for the cost of your stolen belongings.

You Have Neighbors
You may be thinking only within the walls of your own home here, but your neighbor’s actions affect your life. What if your neighbor forgets to turn off their stove and starts a small house fire? Even if the fire doesn’t spread to your apartment, you could be dealing with thousands of dollars worth of smoke damage. Without rental insurance, you could be in serious trouble through no fault of your own! Rental insurance can give you the peace of mind that you are in control of your belongings.

It Protects You From Negligence
We all make mistakes, that’s just a fact of life—but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for them. Insurance is about investing in your future and protecting what you work for. Remember, if you leave a pot cooking on the stove and start a fire in your apartment complex, you’re not only liable for your apartment, but for any others affected. Most rental insurance policies cover negligence and when it comes to protecting your future, the best you can do is make sure you’re prepared.

Protection that Travels with You
Rental insurance protects your belongings, no matter where they are. This means that if you lost your laptop while on your vacation in Europe, it isn’t a complete loss. Always remember to check your policy or ask your insurance agent what constitutes “other covered losses” to know the full extent of your protection while traveling abroad.

Rental insurance provides protection for your belongings wherever they may be, and liability coverage for accidents in your home. You work hard for the life you have, why would you not protect it for less than the cost of a single drink a week? Rental insurance in Fall River may not be mandated by your landlord, but if you value your property it’s a small investment with a large payoff.

Now is the time to protect your home, and HIG Insurance is happy to help find the right coverage for you! To request a quote today: CLICK HERE.